You have older legacy systems in place that have limited functionality and could do a lot more to enhance your business processes. Your current system may be difficult to support and maintain but mostly you just want to move forwards to the next generation planning and consolidation software so that you can experience the benefits.
You want to keep the good features of the old system but also to leverage the new system to improve system and business processes. While the users of the new system will experience a change, this needs to be managed such that the crossover is smooth and they understand the benefits to them and to the company. You also understand that data issues can be prevalent when migrating to systems and want to understand how this will be managed.

How do you make sure you keep the best parts of the old and utilise the best parts of the new and also manage this change within your company?

When moving from one system to another, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the existing systems as well as the new one. It is also essential to have strong business experience within this remit and gives you a real headstart to have done these sorts of projects many times over. IBEYONDS bring all of this to the table and pride ourselves on the fact that we work very closely with our clients to help you realise the benefits such as reduced operating costs and process improvements.