Tailored to the specifics of planning and consolidation, we provide a framework for your EPM project that helps you get the most from your investment

Migrate to BPC

You have older legacy systems in place that have limited functionality and could do a lot more to enhance your business processes. Your current system may be difficult to support and maintain but mostly you just want to move forwards to the next generation planning and consolidation software so that you can experience the benefits.

Upgrade your BPC

You are running an older version of SAP BPC (formerly known as Outlooksoft ) and would like to upgrade to the most recent version to make use of all the new features it brings.


IBEYONDS  Consulting provide industry specific pre-packaged accelerators that act as a catalyst for implementation and a foundation for best practice solutions.


We use a customized methodology to ensure that our BPC projects are delivered on time, on budget and are fit for purpose. Having managed numerous BPC projects in the past, we have a good knowledge of the life cycle of BPC projects and where the potential pitfalls may lie as well as how to avoid them.


Ibeyonds provide a BPC support service that is not solely a tactical response to immediate issues but a strategic way to leverage the best return possible from your investment.


What is the business process review?
It’s a high level report indicating the specific benefits to your business of implementing an SAP solution