IBEYONDS provide a BPC support service that is not solely a tactical response to immediate issues but a strategic way to leverage the best return possible from your investment.
IBEYONDS support will underpin your business processes providing more customer satisfaction, more efficient processes and greater system leverage in the short and longer term
Our Support Service provides you with:
1.  A Second line support helpdesk  that assists your First line support, system administrators and key      power users resolve escalated issues within agreed service level time-frames.
2.  A Pool of expert BPC resources  who act to reinforce your team and fill gaps that may arise.
3.  A resource that should be used to  transfer knowledge  to your team and also identify key areas      for training.
4.  A Service that keeps you abreast of recent developments and helps to manage  upgrades and      new releases.
5.  A Service that helps keep your BPC system “healthy” with  system and performance reviews.
Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your support .