You are running an older version of SAP BPC (formerly known as Outlooksoft ) and would like to upgrade to the most recent version to make use of all the new features it brings.
Although the current version has its issues it still works fine – you want to be able to determine if the time is right to upgrade and what the benefits will be? You want to know if there any downsides or risks attached. Having never used the newer versions of BPC you want know what the possible pitfalls are and how to avoid them

So how do you decide whether it’s the right time to upgrade and then manage that process to keep the risk down to a minimum?

When deciding whether to upgrade there are a number of questions to be asked on both the technical and business levels. Once you have decided to upgrade, a strict process needs to be followed to implement the new BPC software while ensuring that everything still works and that new features are put to the best use. By using a tried and tested upgrade process Ibeyonds will reduce the risk and ensure that you get the most out of moving to the latest version.